Organizing Institutions

The conference is organised by the Spanish Structural Engineering Association (ACHE) and the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, Spanish National Research Council (IETcc, CSIC).

The Spanish Structural Engineering Association is composed of professionals interested in research and practical applications in the field of structural engineering. It was founded in 1999, under the name of the Scientific and Technical Structural Concrete Association, as a result of the merger of the Spanish Concrete Group (GEHO) and the Spanish Technical Prestressing Association.

The Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science (IETcc), under the aegis of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is a research and scientific-technical support centre serving the construction industry. IETcc carries out interdisciplinary studies on construction methods and is also involved in the development of national and international codes and standards in different construction fields. The IETcc is a member of most European and international construction associations and was a founding member of other associations, such as ENBRI, CIB, RILEM, EOTA and FIB.

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